Tegrity and the Flipped Classroom

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Tue Mar 20 19:51:30 UTC 2012

Tom Zurinskas wrote:
Sign up for a "webinar" on the topic of "Tegrity and the Flipped Classroom"
tomorrow 2pm EDT
http://tinyurl.com/7g96zyp          [<--- this link is no longer active,
because this instance of the 'webinar' has already happened -- bwh]
Flipped classroom?

- Webinar is a portmanteau of 'web' + 'seminar' ; that is, a seminar
presented via the Web.  This differs from content that is accessible at any
time, in that for a Webinar, one has to register for a particular time,
[typically] pay in advance, and log in at the scheduled time to participate.
I have seen this usage at least five years ago.  You can probably track down
and document earlier use and frequency of use if interested.

Flipped Classroom refers to a method whereby  students FIRST listen to a
lecture OUTSIDE OF CLASS (on video or online, possibly at home) as
preparation for an upcoming class session) and THEN do exercises and/or
further study & learning (what we used to call homework)  INSIDE THE
CLASSROOM, with a teacher acting as a guide and resource, not as a lecturer.
The 'flip' is in what happens where, and when.  See, e.g.

- Tegrity is a software company, previously independent but now a division
of McGraw Hill Higher Education

- 'Tegrity Campus' is their brand name for a software product that captures
an instructor's lecture, and allows students to view the lecture and to
'interact' with it in certain ways (e.g. set bookmarks) and to 'collaborate'
(with instructor and/or fellow students) in some ways. Presumably, Tegrity
Campus facilitates and enhances the 'flip', but it seems that the term
Flipped Classroom would apply regardless what technology is used to record
or view the lectures.

Brian Hitchcock
Torrance, CA

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