Computer Mice or Mouses?

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It was a toss up between attorneys. One referenced "" and I thought you might have a better/clearer/more definitive take.

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Sallie Lemons wrote:   <<<Computer Mice or Mouses? This has probably been
andled here but it has come up again at my work. Is there a definitive
B:  First of all, Sally should give us a tally of her colleagues on the
ssue.   My usage:  I tend towards <mouses>, maybe because it is
nambiguously associated with the computer context, and I do not like the
ound of <mice>. My guess is that people who prefer <mice> fear being
onsidered lesser educated if they should use <mouses>. It is a dilemma. My
oathing of the little rodents is stronger than my fear of ostracism. Let
s call the damn things something else.
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