return of "colored"

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> Subject: Re: return of "colored"
> It's double dumb. (The little girl's wearing a totemic football on her
> shirt, but I don't mean that.)
> The left-wing, PC, moralizing, Obama-linked, lamestream
> Yankee-Jew media would*never*  refer to a "young black male" as a "colored
> boy," "handsome" or otherwise.
> That cartoonist needs to watch more TV news!
> PS: If you can trust Google Books (and in this case you can because I
> checked with the NY Times) Jessica Tandy was the original "vision of
> alabaster loveliness" as Abigail Masham in the play "Anne of England,"
> which opened on Broadway on October 7, 1941.
> JL

I just remarked on a student paper's that "colored" is an old-fashioned
term and so should be avoided. But then I had to think about the "C" in
NAACP: is it not marked there?

---Amy West

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