return of "colored"

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Thu Mar 29 15:13:23 UTC 2012

At 3/29/2012 09:49 AM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>BTW, I've raised my estimation of the cartoon to triple dumb, because it
>was double dumb from the jump.

Quadruple -- Trayvon's name is misspelled.  (Googling, "Treyvon" is
about 0.1% of "Trayvon" ... although still at about 1
million.  Apparently college editorial cartoonists can't read, or
aren't smart enough to know what to read.

If I've offended anyone for an ethnic, racial, or class slur, I
apologize.  Those words really aren't who I am.


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