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Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Thu Mar 29 21:13:21 UTC 2012

The headline is "NPR" is Not a Synonym for Public Radio.
> If you haven't figured out where I'm going by now, "This American
> Life" is not an NPR program. It's produced by Chicago's WBEZ Radio, a
> public station, and distributed by Public Radio International, a
> competitor of NPR's.
> Daisey's assault on the truth was exposed by a reporter for
> "Marketplace," which is produced by American Public Media, yet another
> NPR competitor.
> ...
> "In a just world," Reuters media columnist Jack Shafer recently
> tweeted, "we could say 'NPR' to describe all public radio, just as
> saying 'Kleenex' covers Scott Tissues and generic brands."
> Shafer was kidding, of course. And it does get confusing. But NPR
> takes enough grief from its critics without having to get blamed for
> programming on rival networks.

The Daisey reference is to the story on working conditions at Apple
contractors in China that turned out to be largely fabricated. But
that's irrelevant to the main point.


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