all-of-the-above = 'multifaceted; multipronged'

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Jonathan Lighter wrote:
> It used to be that you needed an "above" to say "all of the above."
> However, CNN aired a clip of the President saying we need to pursue "an
> all-of-the-above energy strategy." He enumerated the "above" only
> afterwards.

Below is an example in 2008 of the phrase "all of the above" in single
quotes used to mean "multipronged".

Boehner on Energy: "Speaker Pelosi's Voting Record Doesn't Match Her
Rhetoric at All"
Government Press Releases (USA) - Thursday, June 12, 2008
[NewsBank Access World News]

[Begin excerpt]

"House Republicans are in favor of the 'all of the above' strategy.
That means alternative fuels, more conservation, greater efficiency,
and, yes, more American-made energy. This comprehensive approach is
the only way we can get more supply to the market and lower prices.
[End excerpt]

Here is an example in 2004 that does list energy sources before
employing the phrase "all of the above". This may reflect the
evolution of the phrase.

Time to look for energy outside of OPEC
Quad-City Times, The (IA) - Saturday, May 1, 2004
Author: William Wilke
[NewsBank Access World News]

[Begin excerpt]
The U.S. has ample energy sources to realistically become self
sufficient within a decade. To do this, however, will require a
concerted and directed effort to use all sources of energy that are
readily available, i.e., fossil fuel, solar energy, wind farms, hydro
electricity, nuclear power, oil and natural gas, biodegradable sources
of energy and the hydrogen engine.

The time has arrived when our nation must actively develop to the
fullest extent possible all of the above energy sources.
[End excerpt]


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