Heard in a TV ad: "=?UTF-8?Q?=E2=80=A6_?=factory-direct _bladery_ ..."

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OED: "No dictionary entries found for ‘bladery’."

The literary world - Volume 56 - Page 527
1897 - Read - More editions
... Conversation,' ' The Literary Regimen,' ' House-Hunting as an
Out-door Amusement,' ' Of Blades and _Bladery_,' ' The Shopman,' ' For
Freedom of Spelling,' 'Incidental Thoughts on a Bald Head,' ' The
Writing of Essays,' 'Concerning Chess,' ...

Certain personal matters: A collection of material, mainly ... - Page 86
Herbert George Wells - 1898 - Read - More editions
The Blade is not so much a culture as a temperament, and _Bladery_ —
if the thing may have the name — a code of sentiments rather than a
ritual. It is the rococo school of behaviour, the flamboyant
gentleman, the gargoyle life. The Blade is the ...

Renward Cysat, Dictionarius vel Vocabularius Germanicus diversis
Linguis respondens
[Judith Gut,] Renward Cysat - 1616 [‎2006] - 549 pages
999 Geschwätz, dannt, _bladery_ oder schnättery
[ohne Vorlage] Während die
ersten beiden Ausdrücke überregional gebräuchlich sind (zu geschwätz DWB
4.1.2,3983 und zu land DWB 11,103), sind die Lexeme _bladery_ und schnättery (>
Ge- …

The TV ad, which also mentions "cutlery," clearly uses _bladery_ -
e.g. big display of edged weaponry - to mean, well, "bladery."

Since H.G. Wells used the word WRT *gay*-bladery, I'm surprised not to
find (I don't have the gall to claim more than that, since better
searching may find it) the word in the OED with al least that meaning.
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