A new one on me y'all guys

Charles C Doyle cdoyle at UGA.EDU
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We may have discussed this point too:  The spelling of the possessive form of "y'all."

I probably wouldn't have written any form of "y'all" in the olden and more formal days of paper epistles, but I do pretty regularly in emails.  And I've decided that--by analogy with the spelling of other possessive pronouns--there should be no second apostrophe.

What is y'alls opinion on the subject?


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Never have I heard "y'all guys."

Of irrelevant interest, and possibly mentioned years ago, I did encounter
the weird spelling "ya'll" in freshman papers surprisingly often.

The only explanation I ever got was that "it just looks right."


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>  From a caller to the XM baseball channel this morning.
> Pronouns accurate, the rest approximate: "They haven't been listening to
> y'all's show; y'all guys have been saying...."
> I don't remember where the caller is from, but the accent was vaguely
> upper southern/south midlands-ish.

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