The unemployment data conspiracy

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Sun Oct 7 08:38:44 UTC 2012

Why aren't Republicans HAPPY with the drop in unemployment?  I don't get it.
A bunch of Republicans were elected in 2010 on the mantra "jobs, jobs, jobs."  So why aren't they crowing about the good news claiming credit.  But instead they're angry.  Have they been working NOT to create jobs, holding jobs hostage to try to dump Prez O, which was their stated goal after the 2010 elections?
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> I notice that the AP is referring to the brouhaha -- incorrectly I
> believe -- as "the conspiracy", as though one existed, instead of
> "the conspiracy theory".
> And is it surprising that that nice guy Jack Welch, former CEO of
> General Electric, would be quick on the trigger? (I forget just what
> mis- or malfeasances he perpetrated in times past.)
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> Joel
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