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> Can anyone help on the following request, from a WI historian/writer?
> We aren't finding any helpful information at DARE.
>   Do you know the word "mulet"?  I'm reading an account of an incident
> in a Wisconsin logging camp from around 1873 and the following sentence
> occurs:
> "The mission of the newcomers was usually to mulet (sic) the gullible
> woodsman in one way or another."

Is it possible that the word is mulct? Perhaps the letter c was
printed imperfectly.

mulct  (mlkt)
A penalty such as a fine.
tr.v. mulct·ed, mulct·ing, mulcts
1. To penalize by fining or demanding forfeiture.
2. To acquire by trickery or deception.
3. To defraud or swindle.
[From Middle English multen, to fine, from Latin multre, mulctre, from
mulcta, fine.]


> And the husband (a botanist) of a friend would like to know more about
> "kankedort".  It seems that it isn't /Obs. /as the OED implies. He's
> aware of the basics that come up on a google search, like
> He writes:
> About the only references we can find are from people researching the
> meaning of the word (beginning with Chaucer?).  It seems like no one
> really knows what it means, there is a lot of speculation, but no
> certainty.  If you want a recent reference, the word has been used in
> the title of a recent paper, in Madroño (a journal of Western North
> American Botany), Vol. 58(4) 267--272. 2011, by Genevieve K. Walden
> (grad student here) and R. Patterson.
> Here's the title page info for the article:
> Department of Biology, San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Avenue,
> San Francisco, CA 94132
> Thanks.
> Luanne
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