_Eboshin_: a "new" word?

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Date: March 28, 1859
Location: Alabama Paper: Daily Confederation

Thirteen congressional electors, fifty senatorial electors, and three
hundred and sixty county electors have been notified to hold
themselves in readiness to repel the Dragoon of Rockbridge. Botts too,
will dash to the rescue at the head of a noble band of "Molungeons and
_Eboshins_" as soon as the weather becomes sufficiently warm to render
his odoriferous forces efficient.


The Southern literary messenger - Vol. XXX. New Series, VOL. IX -
January to July, 1860 - Page 224

"Klutz" [Edgar Allan Poe] - Mr. Hobgobb - Pages 222 - 225
"Avaunt! thou _Eboshin_, avauntl" I exclaimed, aiming a felonious kick
at Joe, which, had it reached him, would inevitably have exalted that
lowly coloured youth through, and far above the roof; a kick, by the
lord! that I could have bestowed with all my heart, and mind, and
soul, and strength, upon Hobgobb.

After the war: a southern tour: May 1, 1865, to May 1, 1866 - Page 424

Whitelaw Reid - 1866
And a Vicksburg paper spoke its views thus : " If any radical was ever
black enough to suppose the people of Mississippi would endow negro
schools, for their ilk to teach the rising _eboshin_ hatred of his
former master, but his best friend, then such chaps had better take to
marching on with John Brown's soul …"

Also spelled _ebo-shin_

The New York Times - October 21, 1856 n.p.
"The great object of the Virginia Isaiah is to lead his _ebo-shin_
property on a pilgrimage to Southern California, and to raise the
price of slaves to five thousand dollars."


All say, "How hard it is that we have to die!"---a strange complaint
to come from the mouths of people who have had to live.
-Mark Twain

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