antedating _blame game_

David Barnhart dbarnhart at HIGHLANDS.COM
Thu Oct 25 14:13:25 UTC 2012

In keeping with the political season and the temperament of the candidates,
I checked eOED for _blame game_.  Their earliest date is 1958; I found this:

Never Again

"Never again!" cries Guzzler

"Never again for me!

You bet I've seigned the pledge for good.

Never!  No, sir-ee!"

"Never again!: yells Grocer Tricks.

"Nit, nit,  you bet"

When I play that blame game again

The fools ain't all dead yet!"


C.M. Barnitz, "Never Again!" _The Semi-Weekly News_ [Lebanon, Pa.], May 22,
1911, p 4  {This article, somewhat less legible, appeared on April 7, 1911,
in the _Bucks County Gazette_}  The article appeared in

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