chick, v.

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I would only add that Lindsey Vonn is an
American, which might have made the "men in
Canada" even more chicked than would be
normal.  (The race she wants/wanted to enter is in Canada, I believe.)


At 10/26/2012 01:17 PM, Ben Zimmer wrote:
>"To be chicked" apparently means 'to be defeated by a woman in a
>competition traditionally dominated by men':
>An unprecedented challenge from the world’s top female skier to race
>against the men in Canada has prompted this country’s alpine elite to
>both laud her gumption and the potential publicity it brings, but at
>the same time cite an avalanche of reasons why Lindsey Vonn shouldn’t
>Perhaps underneath it all, the boys of the White Circus are a little
>bit scared of being “chicked.”
>“That’s a verb used in ski racing ­ chicked ­ to chick someone,”
>explained Canadian alpine racer Larisa Yurkiw.
>Ben Zimmer
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