"choc ice", the British Oreo (TM)

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Mon Oct 29 00:55:25 UTC 2012

As a slur, "choc ice" is not in the OED.  I
haven't tried to trace this sense's earlier
uses.  (Nor is the ice cream-filled pop in the OED,)

"While the black Chelsea defender Ashley Cole
testified on Terry’s behalf, a number of Terry’s
black teammates refused to sign a petition
supporting him. The Manchester United defender
Rio Ferdinand, who is Anton’s brother, called
Cole a “choc ice” ­ an ice cream bar that is dark
on the outside, white on the inside ­ on Twitter,
and was reprimanded by the Football Association."


[Anton Ferdinand was called a racial slur during
a game by John Terry, which cost him money and
the captaincy of the English national team.  Rio
Ferdinand was also reprimanded.]

When I was a youngster, a vanilla ice cream pop
covered with chocolate was entirely
innocent.  And apparently unknown to Wikipedia
and the OED, which thinks all "pops" contain
ices.  (No, I did not call them "Creamsicles",
although I knew that name.  It was a "vanilla popsicle".)


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