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Under Obamacare, insurers will no longer be able to do this to adults
on and after January 1, 2014.


At 10/28/2012 09:11 PM, Dave Wilton wrote:
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>No, insurance companies rarely require an exam. They ask for your
>medical history, and if you tell them you suffer from anything, they
>deny you care. The condition doesn't have to be serious. A
>borderline-high cholesterol count or being five pounds overweight
>means you're uninsurable.
>And if you develop a serious condition after joining the insurance
>plan, they'll spend lots of money investigating whether or not there
>is anything you didn't tell them (regardless of whether it's related
>to the condition you know suffer from) so they can cancel the policy
>and not pay for the care.
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>I may be missing the point, but isn't it the case that you're
>required to undergo a physical exam and, if anything is found to be
>wrong with you, you can simply refused health insurance to begin
>with, because you have a "pre-existing condition."
>In my own case, though it could be easily ascertained that I'd had
>glaucoma for at least a dozen years before I sought treatment for
>it, my current, ongoing, very-expensive treatment by an
>ophthalmological neurosurgeon is, nevertheless. beyond a
>fifteen-dollar copayment, fully covered by the Harvard University
>Health Service plan, even though I've retired.
>OTOH, if my coverage by them had ended at my retirement and I then
>had to get my own insurance, my glaucoma would have become a
>"pre-existing condition" that no other insurer would have been
>required to cover except, essentially, at my own expense.
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