"Alice=?windows-1252?Q?=92s_?=Adventures in an Appalachian Wonderland" published by Evertype

Michael Everson everson at EVERTYPE.COM
Mon Oct 29 12:17:03 UTC 2012

On 28 Oct 2012, at 14:43, Laurence Horn wrote:

> Subject:      =?windows-1252?Q?Re=3A_=22Alice=92s_Adventures_in_an_Appalachian?
>              = =?windows-1252?Q?_Wonderland=22_published_by_Evertype?=
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> On Oct 28, 2012, at 12:37 AM, Michael Everson wrote:
>> A page with links to Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk is available at http://www.evertype.com/books/alice-en-appal .
> Actually it's not.  Could there have been a typo in the above URL?


I forgot the .html -- sorry!

> Also, could you repost the message below in plaintext, Michael? I'd like to forward this to a colleague, but I don't want to send her this version if it's possible to have a clean one.  Thanks!

It was plain text. Plain UTF-8 text. Unfortunately the list software mangled it into not a real version of Windows code page 1252, according to the header. I will re-send the notice to you directly however, with thanks.

I'll put the Note on dialect orthography at the end of the page about the book, so the text can be read. :-)

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