Anecdote: St Paul=?windows-1252?Q?=92s_?=Cathedral Is artificial, amusing, pompous, and awful

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Wed Oct 31 23:39:07 UTC 2012

Language Log in 2006 posted these words from Chris Christensen:

[Begin excerpt]

When Charles II saw Christopher Wren's St. Paul's Cathedral for the first
time, he called it "awful, pompous, and artificial." Meaning roughly:
Awesome, majestic, and ingenious.

[End excerpt]

This story has many permutations, and Nigel Rees included a version in
Brewer’s Famous Quotations (2006). William Safire mentioned the story in
his New York Times column in 1997. It's also mentioned in the Wikipedia
entry for "Auto-antonym" which I read after reading Martin Kaminer's
message with the subject line "Autoantonymic idioms?"

The Quote Investigator blog now has an entry. Feedback appreciated.

St Paul’s Cathedral Is Amusing, Awful, and Artificial


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