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OED has 1966 for cojones = testicles (literally) and 1932 for cojones = guts, fortitude

Cedric Salter _Try-Out in Spain_ NY: Harper & brothers, 1943 p 213
"These delicacies were all served as "rabbit," either in the form of an indescribable stew or in mincemeat balls, universally, if impolitely, known as "cojones de conejo." "

Allan Chase _The Five Arrows_ NY: Random House 1944 p. 69
"I'd sooner lose my cojones."

OED has nothing for huevos [Sp for "eggs"] = testicles

Charles Emil Kany _American-Spanish Euphemisms_ Berkeley, Univ of Cal Press 1960 p. 145
"Because of a resemblance of form, a common euphemism for testículos 'testes' (vulgar cojones) is huevos (huevas in Chile, Col and elsewhere) 'eggs.' "

"This production and rep
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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