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Bonnie Taylor-Blake b.taylorblake at GMAIL.COM
Sat Sep 8 14:34:49 UTC 2012

I appreciate reading Stephen's, Dave's, and Fred's thoughts on "the
whole six yards of it."  I learn a lot from these discussions and feel
that some of the best work of the list comes through these
collaborative efforts.

On Sat, Sep 8, 2012 at 9:02 AM, Shapiro, Fred <fred.shapiro at> wrote:

> 1912 _Mount Vernon (KY) Signal_ 17 May 1 (Chronicling America)  But there i=
> s one thing sure, we dems would never have known that there was such crooke=
> dness in the Republican party if Ted and Taft had not got crossed at each o=
> ther.  Just wait boys until the fix gets to a fever heat and they will tell=
>  the whole six yards.

This is a great find, Fred, and I thank you for it.  I find it
particularly compelling because "the whole six yards" is coupled with
"tell," as in "relate," "report," "share" and, well, "give."  Maybe
it's just me, but I also sense a hint of "[of it/of the story]" tacked
on to the end of "they will tell the whole six yards."

-- Bonnie

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