Bad Samaritan

Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Mon Sep 17 05:24:41 UTC 2012

I suppose, it's been around for a while, but we have a new case of "Bad
Samaritan" (with a bonus "Evil Samaritan" further down in the post).
> Bad Samaritan: Man Robs Drunk On Subway Tracks, Leaves Him To Get Hit
> By Train [Video]
> Earlier this month a group of good Samaritans jumped down onto a train
> track to rescue a woman and her child. Those people were good people.
> This guy is just the opposite. A disgusting robbery was caught on tape
> at a train station in Stockholm, Sweden, showing a thief robbing an
> unconscious man and then leaving his victim on the train tracks.
> ...
> The evil Samaritan empties the drunk’s pockets and then hops back onto
> the platform.

Searching for versions of this story, I came across a couple of other
titles that include "Bad Samaritan". Yahoo and ABC News also had the
"No-good Samaritan" version.


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