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Tue Sep 18 18:38:15 UTC 2012

Other has a verb entry in the OED, as does "othering" (separate
entry--only "othered" is listed as derivative).

> /trans./ (/refl./ in early use). To become conscious of by viewing as
> a distinct entity; (in later use) /spec./ to conceptualize (a people,
> a group, etc.) as excluded and intrinsically different from oneself.
> Cf. other pron. and n. 9.

> The perception of an entity as distinct in relation to other entities;
> (in later use) /spec./ the perception or representation of a person or
> group of people as fundamentally alien from another, frequently more
> powerful, group. Cf. other pron. and n. 9.

Note that this is a verbing of the property of being The Other.

Here's an example of using it to make someone into The Other, similar to
> Wagner introduced discussion of Gilbert’s video in racial terms, by
> showing on the screen a copy of the New York Post ad and claiming
> Gilbert was “othering” Obama, presenting him as of outside mainstream
> America in terms of his nativity story.

Don't ask me how I got to that page...


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