Bad behavior as detritus

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At 9/19/2012 11:27 AM, Dan Goncharoff wrote:
>The new quote, via AP:
>Smith said the Falcons are "disappointed when a player sheds a negative
>light on our organization. I can't say any more than that."

But he apparently did, once.  And the Atlanta Falcons web site has a
(official?) transcript, which includes the "First and foremost" text.

On-line reports that include this text Google dates at 22 hours ago,
or 4 PM Tuesday.  The AP report which omits that (perhaps by initial
elision) but also claims Smith said "I can't say any more than that"
Google dates 20 hours ago, or 6 PM Tuesday.

Did someone in the Falcon's organization realize, between 4 and 6 PM,
that what Smith said was unacceptable, and pressure the AP to issue a
new story?  (If so, why didn't they redact the interview -- too
obvious a fabrication?)

Or did the AP simply write and publish a new report on its own?  But
the "I can't say" is *not* in the Falcon's official transcript.


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> > In an article in the Boston Globe reporting the arrest of Atlanta
> > Falcons running back Michael Turner for drunken driving and speeding
> > "just hours after he scored a touchdown", coach Mike Smith is quoted as
> > saying:
> >
> > "First and foremost, any time a player sheds negatively on our
> > football team and on our organization, we are very disappointed."
> >
> > "Sheds negatively" seems odd in itself.  (Casting off
> > electrons?)  More disturbing is the comparison of an alleged criminal
> > act with the flaking of skin, and the belief that the worst sin is
> > giving the team a negative images.
> >
> > (Smith did go on to say "This is a legal matter, and it's very
> > well-defined how we have to proceed with it through the league, and
> > we'll let this process run its course."  But still, he says nothing
> > about the seriousness of the alleged offense.)
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