Dinesh D'Souza loses the rest of his marbles

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> > Part of the reason  for D'S's whining seems to be that Obama
> *wrote the N-word.*
>But why is that of any interest to D'Souza? If BHO has referred to
>*D'Souza's* grandfathers as "untouchables," outcastes." coolies," or
>some such, you'd expect that that might catch his attention.
>Judging by his Portuguese surname, I assume that DD'S is or was a
>practicing Catholic.

The Portuguese surname and Indian descent associate him (or at least
his ancestors) with Goa.  Wikipedia does describe his parents as
Catholic and says "D'Souza was born and raised Catholic and now
professes to be a 'non-denominational Christian' who married a [sic]
Evangelical Christian" -- surely putting him amidst the most
intolerant of those who claim to be "hristians.

I am pleased to learn that he does not appear to be a descendant of
Portuguese Sephardic Jews.


>But then, Hitler and Leander Perez likewise were,
>at some point in their lives, practicing Catholics.
>Apparently, all three were untouched by any of that "brotherhood of
>man under the fatherhood of god" bullcon.

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