Heard on The Doctors: "lease _of_ life"; "anorectic" v. "anorexic"

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On Sep 21, 2012, at 3:36 PM, Arnold Zwicky wrote on "new lease of/on life":

> discussion of the variants here:
>  http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/55632/new-lease-of-life-vs-new-lease-on-life
> with Google ngrams indicating that "of" came first and is the predominant variant...

lease n., sense 3, in OED2, but not yet fully updated; entry first published 1902

fig. with reference to the permanence of occupation guaranteed by a lease; esp. in phr. a (new) lease of life . Also, the term during which possession or occupation is guaranteed.

c1595   Countess of Pembroke Psalme lxxxi. 44 in Coll. Wks. (1998) II. 118   Of my graunt they had enioy'd A lease of blisse with endlesse date.
1609   Shakespeare Sonnets cxlvi. sig. I3,   Why so large cost hauing so short a lease, Dost thou vpon thy fading mansion spend?
a1616   Shakespeare Macbeth (1623) iv. i. 115   Our high plac'd Macbeth Shall liue the Lease of Nature.


*no* mention of the "on" variant.

(for the record, i'm an "on" speaker and like Wilson, found the "of" variant surprising.  maybe we count as the American wave of the future.)


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