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> For example, if you find yourself tempted to end a sentence with a
> preposition, just put a ", darling" at the end. Or, if you prefer, ",
> dolt".
> "What are you looking at, darling?"
> "Ending a sentence with a preposition is something I won't put up
with, you
> dolt."
> If you can't decide which strategy to apply, flip a coin. Works every

I grew up in Nashville, home of Vanderbilt Univ.  In the circles I ran
in, Vandy was thought of as snooty, and was perceived as presenting
itself as a Southern Ivy League school full of students from old-money
families.  (all stereotypes, and I didn't have anywhere near enough
personal knowledge of the school to say that they were based in reality
or not).

Thus, the following anecdote (which isn't true, but was repeated as if
it were):

I was at Vandy's campus, looking for the Sarratt Center (student union
building) where a movie was being shown that I wanted to see.  I didn't
know the campus, so I asked a student walking by, "Excuse me, can you
tell me where the Sarratt Center is at?"

"Sir, you are at Vanderbilt University, and at Vanderbilt, we don't end
a sentence with a preposition." (Previous sentence pronounced with full
Grey Poupon/Thurston Howell III snootiness.)

"Oh.  Well then, can you tell me where the Sarratt Center is at,

When we were juniors in high school, this was really funny.
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