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Fri Aug 2 14:13:10 UTC 2013

On Aug 2, 2013, at 1:23 AM, Victor Steinbok wrote:

> "You people"?
> My point is that this is an expression that is used precisely in this
> context (to the point of becoming cliche). So, the language must change
> in response to the ethnic identity of one of the subjects of the news
> story? Even though the two homophones

Hey, who are calling a homophone?!!?!  Some of my best friends…


> are unrelated in origin? More to
> the point, without any actual evidence of malintent, is there any reason
> for the association to make a stink? It's really weak tea IMO.
> We've had flare-ups over bogus etymology of "handicapped" and
> "niggardly", among others. I'm not in favor of that list growing.
>    VS-)
> On 8/1/2013 11:51 PM, Wilson Gray wrote:
>> On Thu, Aug 1, 2013 at 3:54 AM, Victor Steinbok <aardvark66 at> wrote:
>>> I see no reason to suspect any untoward intent.
>> You people never do. After all, since the use of the word, innocent or
>> not, never has any reference whatever to you,
>> I'm not going to bother to complete this.
>> --
>> -Wilson
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