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Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Tue Aug 6 19:17:31 UTC 2013

Apparently, the cronut has been displaced as the latest foodie/hipster
top food love. The new items is Ramen Burger

I don't think this has much ADS-L impact in itself, but there is a
slight twist.

Burger naming semantics allows for several variations in naming conventions.

1) Main ingredient burger: Angus beef burger; buffalo burger; ostrich
burger; mushroom burger; brat burger; Wagyu burger; Veggieburger; salmon
2) Adjunct ingredient burger: Cheeseburger; bacon burger, chipotle
burger, ranch burger, etc. (mushroom burger can also be named for
mushroom topping on the burger rather than a vegetarian burger made from
ground up mushrooms and grains)
3) Style burger: Mexican burger; Hawaiian burger, California burger.
spicy burger
4) Target profile burger: Vegetarian burger, lo-fat burger; kiddie
burger, hungry-man burger, cowboy burger (this is a fairly short list)
5) Size burger: Mini-burger; double burger (another short list)
6) Wrapper starch burger: Pretzel burger, Brioche burger, Ramen burger,
tamale burger, bagel burger

Other foods (e.g., hot dogs) often allow for similar variability, but
rarely quite as broad as is the case with burgers. You can also have
combinations, such as the Wisconsin mustard-and-brat pretzel burger.
And, of course, you can have random names just taken out of a hat: e,g,,
Elliot Ness burger.


PS: None of the lists above are meant to be exhaustive.

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