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> I doubt that it will catch on, but the most amazing item in the restaurant newly opened in the building that also houses my English office, is
> The Lone Ranger: Brisket, grilled onions, provolone cheese and chipotle mayo
> What this misses is that it's enclosed between two remarkable potato pancakes. Technically a sandwich, I guess...
> Geoff

With a side of Tonto?  (Succotash, perhaps.)  Actually that sandwich sounds pretty good to me.  Rather unkosher despite the brisket and latkes, though, even if it would be nicely accompanied by a half-sour pickle or two.


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>> Apparently, the cronut has been displaced as the latest
>> foodie/hipster
>> top food love. The new items is Ramen Burger
>> http://goo.gl/xyCXJc
>> I don't think this has much ADS-L impact in itself, but there is a
>> slight twist.
>> Burger naming semantics allows for several variations in naming
>> conventions.
>> 1) Main ingredient burger: Angus beef burger; buffalo burger; ostrich
>> burger; mushroom burger; brat burger; Wagyu burger; Veggieburger;
>> salmon
>> burger
>> 2) Adjunct ingredient burger: Cheeseburger; bacon burger, chipotle
>> burger, ranch burger, etc. (mushroom burger can also be named for
>> mushroom topping on the burger rather than a vegetarian burger made
>> from
>> ground up mushrooms and grains)
>> 3) Style burger: Mexican burger; Hawaiian burger, California burger.
>> spicy burger
>> 4) Target profile burger: Vegetarian burger, lo-fat burger; kiddie
>> burger, hungry-man burger, cowboy burger (this is a fairly short
>> list)
>> 5) Size burger: Mini-burger; double burger (another short list)
>> 6) Wrapper starch burger: Pretzel burger, Brioche burger, Ramen
>> burger,
>> tamale burger, bagel burger
>> Other foods (e.g., hot dogs) often allow for similar variability, but
>> rarely quite as broad as is the case with burgers. You can also have
>> combinations, such as the Wisconsin mustard-and-brat pretzel burger.
>> And, of course, you can have random names just taken out of a hat:
>> e,g,,
>> Elliot Ness burger.
>> VS-)
>> PS: None of the lists above are meant to be exhaustive.
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