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Has anyone mentioned the term "intercapitation" for what's been called
CamelCase? That's the term that's been used in our household. It would
also cover things like iMac. However, can't find it in W3, OED3,
Wordnik, GoogleBooks, or Google. There is one hit in GB, but it's a
document from the college where both my husband & I work, so I suspect
that that's due to us. Perhaps the correct form of the term is
"intercapitalization": I did turn up some hits for that:


As for "unicase", I like it, but we have to add the modifiers "minuscule
unicase" and "majuscule unicase" to distinguish between what's been
called zwicky case AND SHOUTING, both of which are "unicases."

---Amy West

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>> >And inadditionto unspaced, dehyphenated Compoundconcatenation, capitalizing
>> >all Nouns would enhance translationsoftware Accuracy. Der Meinung bin ich.
> Having been educated in the 18th Century, I like this Idea.  And it
> would inherently be CamelCased -- all Parts of CompoundNouns would
> have InitialCaps.
> DMbI.*
> Joel

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