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Or not. My initial impression of _short_ "a car," in its StL pronunciation,
was that the word was "shark." "'Fabe,' as you say." No. I say "fade." Is
it "splib"? Or Is it "spliv"? Does anyone really know what the "correct"
pronunciation is? Is "butt(ocks), ass, pussy, the female body as sex
object"  _boody_, sometimes emphatically pronounced as "boo[t]y," as
"daddy" is sometimes emphatically pronounced as "da[t]y" and perhaps
ultimately from standard "body"? Or will the emphatic pronunciation be
taken as the underlying representation, so that the  22nd c. iteration of
HDAS, seduced by sick-pun brand-names like "My Sister's Booty." will
hypothesize a logical extension of standard "booty"?

Well, it's been dekkids since I've heard anyone say, "I'm going to beat
your boody," in any case. Expressions like "I wants me some of that boody"
have been far more usual since ca. 1947, when "big boys" decided that I was
old enough to be allowed to hear the "*real* motherfucking talk."

FWIW, it's occurred to me that the reason that it's not possible to find
"boody" in print, only strings like _boo-dee_, with the one closest to my
preferred "canonical" spelling being _boodie_, is the obvious reason. F-k-g
"strong" language was once never spelled out. That analysis should have
occurred to me as soon as I recalled _sissy_, in the meaning "fag,"
respelled as "cissy" in the titles of records like "Sophisticated Cissy"
and "Cissy Strut."

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come from the mouths of people who have had to live.
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