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"Be born [in some manner]" doesn't strike me as odd. I looked through the lyrics at and didn't see anything odd, though "born" is not used causatively. 

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> Do you have any issues with the Lady Gaga song, Born This Way?
> The clip has been taken down from YouTube, but I presume can be found somewhere on the Colbert Nation website,
> John Baker
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> Starting about 6:50 in the video at from the Colbert Report yesterday, an Appalachian man uses the construction "makes X born [that way]" in reference to god creating people so they are gay at birth. He uses it more than once.
> This construction is not allowable for me. If I had to use "born," I might say, "makes X be born," but there is still something odd to me about this.
> It occurs to me that "That blouse needs washed" might be involved (I can't say that, either), but something else seems to be at play.

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