31,500 words a day????

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Below is an excerpt from a book that makes a claim on this topic. I do
not know the title of the study being referenced, and I have not read
the study. This citation is being posted as an example of the
information being transmitted in popular culture.

Book title: Men Are Slobs, Women Are Neat: ... and Other Gender Lies
That Damage Relationships
Authors: Kimberly Alyn and Bob Phillips
Year: 2010
(Google Books Preview)

[Begin excerpt]
In July of 2007, 345 students at the University of Texas were strapped
with recording devices. Researchers found that both men and women
spoke about 16,000 words per day. This was an average; three people in
the study spoke more than 47,000 words per day, and all three were
men. But the student who averaged the lowest (only 700 words per day)
was also a man.
[End excerpt]

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> This statistic was offered in an article (7-26-2013) in a blog from Missouri
> (http://www.areawidenews.com/blogs/1215/entry/54116/).  Is this true?  Or,
> is it just a stab in the dark for the purpose of showing off a group of
> "stunt words"?
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