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Ben Zimmer bgzimmer at BABEL.LING.UPENN.EDU
Mon Aug 19 16:38:54 UTC 2013

One can also just Google the article headline (in this case "Doping
Gives Dutch 'Sauce' Nastier Tone") and get to it that way -- as long
as the paywall remains sufficiently leaky.


On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 12:10 PM, Victor Steinbok wrote:
> I've never had any luck getting NYT and WSJ articles "free" through
> search or reference links--they always pop up locked for me, even when
> the site is whitelisted with NoScript. But there are workarounds for
> those who don't mind "cheating". NYT is still crackable with
> Greasemonkey scripts, although those scripts had to be modified over
> time, so look around if the first one fails. WSJ has always allowed
> cached pages to work, so, in the Google search bar, type "cache:" then
> paste the full WSJ link up to ".html"--if there are tags following .html
> delete them. Here's the Doping cached page: http://goo.gl/EQ74Q3
> On 8/19/2013 11:19 AM, Ben Zimmer wrote:
>> My latest Wall St. Journal column is on the origin of "doping" in sports:
>> http://on.wsj.com/dopingbz
>> It's behind the paywall, but you should be able to get to it via Google+:
>> http://plus.google.com/u/0/106145215829137347796/posts/fQAL2tbaLni
>> And here is my Word Routes followup, with citations:
>> http://www.visualthesaurus.com/cm/wordroutes/the-straight-dope-on-doping/
>> I found "dope" as a verb meaning 'drug (a horse)' from 1873, and as a
>> noun meaning 'opium for smoking' from 1883. (OED2 has 1889 for both.)
>> --bgz

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