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Fri Aug 23 20:28:45 UTC 2013

QOTY:  "This is one of the hallmarks of our comedy: We think that
things that don't make sense are very funny. Most neurotypicals think
that things that don't make sense are confusing."

WOTY:  neurotypical (n).

Spoken by Noah Britton, elder statesmen (at 30, he is 10 years older
than the other three) of the comedy group "Asperger's Are Us", all of
whom (spoiler follows) have Aspeger's.

"[Britton] favors their sketch about the boy whose parents give him
up for adoption and then show up at his foster home looking for
another kid they'll like better."  [Quoting the article, by Karen Weintraub.]

Surely not new, but relished nevertheless.

Boston Globe, Aug. 23, G4 (magazine section).


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