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> "flat as a flitter"=0A=0AOED defines it=A0 as a "minute square =0Aof thin m=
> etal" used collectively as decorations.=0A=0ASome southern folks are asking=
>   about it.=0A=0Athanks,=0Abl

I think that's probably the wrong "flitter".

DARE (v. 2, p. 482) shows "flitter", variant of "fritter", meaning
fritter or flapjack, and "flat as a flitter" = "very flat" (like "flat
as a pancake", I guess).

"Flat as a flitter" has examples in DARE from 1906 and later and DARE
says "flitter" = "flapjack" is "chiefly South Midland".

I have myself heard (seldom) "flat as a fritter".

-- Doug Wilson

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