paranoid--it's true even if we can't find the quote

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In a classic example of life imitating art, it turns out Earnest Hemingway really was being tailed by the FBI, something he claimed during the paranoid episode that led to his suicide:

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> Victor Steinbok wrote way back on May 8, 2011
> >
> > I am having a moment of doubt--the line is clearly in the movie
> > version of
> > Catch-22 (1970):
> >
> > Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.

> Victor, Fred, Charlie or anyone: Could you tell me who speaks this
> line in the film Catch-22 and when it is spoken ( approximate elapsed
> time from the beginning of the film). Thanks.

> > But is it in the book (1961, but written over about 8 years)?
> > Because, if it
> > isn't...

> I have not seen any evidence that the line is in the book Catch-22.
> Would be happy to see such evidence (i.e. page number and edition).

> Garson

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