a new Cyber Monday

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I am curious as the exact wording of the advertisement.

There are multiple possible explanations.

1) There is a website cybermonday.com, and it could refer to products
offered through that or through similarly named entities.

2) It could be akin to "Christmas in July," as it is used on this website:

(Not sure how long his site will stay up. It has a "Christmas in July, Shop
Now, QVC" banner, and a text link "Shop Cyber Monday Deals in July at

3) "Cyber Monday" could be expanding to include various other online sales
promotions, as in this site:
which offers reduced prices on select items every Monday. (Note that this
page is dated June 2011, but is still up, although the reduced prices don't
seem valid any longer.)

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I received this morning a new application of the term _Cyber Monday_.
Traditionally, I believe, the term was applied to the Monday following the
Thanksgiving weekend.  In the advertisement received this morning it applies
to this morning, perhaps chosen because it is the last Monday in July.
Other Mondays designated as "Cyber Monday" would be helpful in pinning down
the margins of the usage.


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