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Checking ADS-L archives, I can't find this particular version of
X-jack/X-nap. I'm not certain if this has a different semantic structure
from the standard, run-of-the-mill car-jacking, dog-napping, etc., in
that "swagger" is not exactly what is being jacked (or perhaps it is).

The Jezebel post consists of a photo of Uma Thurman in a Cat-In-The-Hat
hat, with caption

> Actress Uma Thurman Joins Cat In The Hat On NEA's Read Across America
> Day at New York Public Library on March 1, 2013 in New York City.
> (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for National Education Association)

This is quite different from TJ Prodigy's "Can't Swagger Jack Me! TJ
Prodigy" T-shirts:
> In June of 2011, TJ Prodigy decided to upload an anti bullying video
> to Youtube. This reached many people, including many celebrities. A
> lot of comments have been left on the video, including many peoples'
> personal experiences with bullying and how the video had helped them.
> As an inspirational speaker TJ travels to schools bringing his
> anti-bullying message through his Challenge For Change Campaign. Your
> purchases in this store support TJ Prodigy AND his efforts.
> ...
> This is an official TJ Prodigy design encouraging everyone to accept
> who they are and that no one else can copy who they are.

There is a Vancouver band Swaggerjack that had released its first
recording in January 2012 (and is releasing another one next week).

UD has entrys both with and without a space:

> swaggarjack
> The jacking of someone's swagger.
> Bill saw how cool Jimmy's jacket was so he went out and bought the
> very same one, and in fact has worn it to outings that he knew Jimmy
> would attend. It was a swaggajack, plain and simple.

> swaggerjacks
> not a cereal, but it should be
> that goddamn Trix rabbit better not try to swaggerjack my swaggerjacks

> swagger jack
> To steal; to copy; to use as one's own; to imitate
> Stop swagger jackin' my nifty ideas!

Two alternatives are squibs:

> a person who has swag and a lumberjack beard.
> jeff is a swagger jack.

> The act of masturbation.
> I swagger jacked 3 times today!

And there's a cross-reference:

> Swankjack
> A poser, or the thief of someone else's style. Not so different from
> swaggerjack, or TOOL.
> If you start using this word after reading my definition, you are most
> definitely a swankjack.

Note that there are actually three separate entities: the act, the actor
and the verb.

Hopefully all this is superfluous after Ben or someone else here has
already covered it...


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