New racist etymology

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Sun Mar 17 07:10:46 UTC 2013

I share your annoyance.

Also, I, too, could never be a Republican, something reinforced every day
by what one hears from their public presentations, as this weekend at the
CPAC meeting.

I'll die still believing that custom, common sense, fairness, and human
decency are important -- well, at least the last three. However, I keep
being reminded by professionals that "life isn't fair" -- but that doesn't
keep me from thinking it should be so.

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> > I'm assuming that was a rhetorical question anyway and not in need
> > of any further comment from me??
> Well, I was being somewhat facetious. OTOH, I am annoyed by the
> meaningless modifications being made to written, literary English,
> apparently for no better reason than the sheer
> just-because-I-can-and-bleep-you-if-you-don't-like-it-ness of it.
> I envy people unconstrained by custom, common sense, fairness, or
> human decency. I could never be a Republican..
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