Fun with phrases: "A new kind of hero for a new kind of ..."

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Usually this blurb cliche' ends with the word "war."


1982 Ian Donaldson _The Rapes of Lucretia_ (Oxford: Clarendon) 166 : A
tearful and penitent Christian Man of Feeling; a* **new kind of hero, for a
new kind of* age.

1985 Doug Masters _TNT_ (N.Y.: Charter) [back cover]: Meet Anthony Nicholas
Twin— A *new kind of hero, for a new kind of* world! A man who has lived
through hell and can now kill in the dark like a cat. A man forced to steal
a secret formula that makes gasoline cheaper than water....

(See, that's  _Tony_ Nicholas Twin, alias "TNT." Otherwise the book would
have to be called "ANT," which would be pretty dumb. Of course, Doug could
have called him "Tony" from the get-go, but that would have deprived the
tale of depth.)

GB suggests that the first person to be described simply as a "new kind of
hero" was General George Washington (1849).


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