Quote: You are only interested in art and I am only interested in money. (G. B. Shaw to S. Goldwyn 1921)

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The Yale Book of Quotation had the earliest known citation dated
October 9, 1926 for the famous interaction between movie mogul Samuel
Goldwyn and playwright George Bernard Shaw. The  Oxford Dictionary of
Quotations listed the version of the quote given in The Great Goldwyn
(1937) by Alva Johnson.

 Here is a cite in 1921. The phrasing of the punchline in 1921 is
closer to the 1937 version than the 1926 version though the full
quotation differs from both.

[ref] 1921 May 1, Baltimore American, Shaw Refuses to Write for
Movies, (Special Cable to the New York Herald and the Baltimore
American), Dateline: London, Section 2, Quote Page 1, Column 2,
Baltimore, Maryland. (GenealogyBank) [/ref]

[Begin excerpt]

Mr. Goldwyn is a ready talker and G.B.S. being Irish, was a little
behind him at times. After going over the entire film situation in a
discussion lasting several hours, Mr. Shaw closed the interview as

"Well, Mr. Goldwyn, there is not much use in going on. There is this
difference between you and me: You are only interested in art and I am
only interested in money."

[End excerpt]


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