Antedating of "Straight Flush"

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I have a copy of "American Hoyle - or a Gentleman's Handbook of Games"
(1864) that has straight, flush, straight flush and royal flush. Only
difference to modern usage is that straight flush and royal flush are
considered synonyms, i.e., royal was not - as it is now - the name for the
highest straight flush. It does not use full house, but calls it a "full".

Poster:       "Shapiro, Fred" <fred.shapiro at YALE.EDU>
Subject:      Antedating of "Straight Flush"

straight flush (OED 1882)

1869 _Turf, Field, and Farm_ 31 Dec. 423 (American Periodical Series)  In p=
laying draw poker does a rotine beat three of a kind or two pairs?  Is ther=
e such a thing as a straight flush beating four of a kind? ... A straight f=
lush beats four of a kind, as the game is now played.

Fred Shapiro

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