Antedating of "Straight Flush"

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Rotine doesn't show up in the 1864 book (and I've never heard of it), but
rotation does as a synonym for straight (and sequence, too). BTW, this
author says that (in 1864) straights are not strictly legal but are being
played in some localities where they are considered to beat triplets so, he
says, a player needs to ask what the local rules/hand rankings are upon
sitting down. Any of you who have read my 1997 book "Poker: How to Win at
the Great American Game" (what, nobody?) will know that my first bit of
advice to any player is: ask what the rules are.


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Subject:      Re: Antedating of "Straight Flush"

On 3/24/2013 9:43 PM, Shapiro, Fred wrote:
> ....
> straight flush (OED 1882)
> 1869 _Turf, Field, and Farm_ 31 Dec. 423 (American Periodical Series)  In
> laying draw poker does a rotine beat three of a kind or two pairs?  Is
> e such a thing as a straight flush beating four of a kind? ... A straight
> lush beats four of a kind, as the game is now played.

Anybody know for sure what a "rotine" is?

-- Doug Wilson

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