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[From AP]

> Sweden's language watchdog has accused Google of trying to control the
> Swedish language in a dispute over the definition of the colloquial
> term "ungoogleable."
> The Swedish version of the word -- "ogooglebar" -- made the Language
> Council of Sweden's 2012 list of words that aren't in the Swedish
> dictionary but have entered common parlance. The council defined it as
> something "that cannot be found on the Web with a search engine."
> But Google objected, asking for changes showing the expression
> specifically refers to Google searches and a disclaimer saying Google
> is a registered trademark, the council said Tuesday.
> Rather than changing the definition, the council deleted the word from
> the list, while stressing "our displeasure with Google's attempts to
> control the language."
> Google refrained from commenting on the matter directly.
> "While Google, like many businesses, takes routine steps to protect
> our trademarks, we are pleased that users connect the Google name with
> great search results," Google spokesman Gustaf Brusewitz said in an email.

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