It's official: it's offensive.

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> Research done before the 2000 Census, [Census Bureau Director Robert] =
> Groves said, had indicated a substantial bloc of older African Americans =
> would be more likely to/comfortable with identifying as "Negro," as =
> opposed to "black" or "African American," and that 56,000 people, half =
> of them under 45 years of age, write "Negro" in on their 2000 =
> questionnaires.
> The Atlantic, March 26, 2010
>> Nicholas Jones, chief of the bureau's racial statistics branch, said =
> census research, using public feedback, has now _confirmed_ that most =
> black Americans no longer identify with the term and find it =
> "offensive."=20

Fuck it. I'll just go with what's on my birth certificate: "Colored."


Whoa! Who knew?!
All say, "How hard it is that we have to die!"---a strange complaint
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