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I don't like Mondays
  I haven't explored this quote which achieved greater prominence when it
was used as the title of a song by the "Boomtown Rats" (headed by Bob
Geldof). Barbara Mikkelson of Snopes has an analysis, but her earliest cite
is 2001, so further analysis may be appropriate.

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> In a 1977 letter to police, David Berkowitz wrote, "I am the 'Son of
> Sam.'"=
>   Later, when he was apprehended, he said, "Well, you got me. How come it
> t=
> ook you such a long time?"
> It occurs to me that one class of famous quotations that may be missed by
> q=
> uotation dictionaries are written or oral statements by famous criminals
> in=
>  direct connection with their crimes, such as in ransom letters, letters
> to=
>  police, letters to newspapers, messages left at the scene of a crime,
> rema=
> rks made in the course of committing a crime, remarks while being arrested
> =
> or arraigned, testimony during a trial, letters written while in prison,
> la=
> st words before an execution, etc.  I would welcome suggestions of such
> cri=
> minal quotations that may not be picked up by quotation dictionaries.
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