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Sat Mar 30 07:18:20 UTC 2013

An interesting headline on ESPN: 'Dufnering' all rage after golfer's
tired pose.

The problem is, it does not match the current header on the page (and I
noticed that many ESPN headlines don't match the names of stories that
they link to).

But it does identify the centerpiece of the story.

> Lee took a photo of Dufner in that perfect moment and gave it to
> sports anchor David Watkins, who put it on Twitter.
> Among those who saw it was Keegan Bradley, who beat Dufner in a
> playoff for the 2011 PGA Championship and has been engaged in friendly
> banter during the last month. And it took off from there.
> Dufner's name became a verb. It's called, "Dufnering."
> Luke Donald tweeted a photo of a pillow under his shirt as he slouched
> against the wall in his home. Rory McIlroy was "Dufnering" in his
> hotel room, and couldn't stop talking about it Friday at the Houston
> Open. At one point in his round, he walked behind the 13th green, saw
> a reporter and said, "Did you see the Dufner photo? How good is that?
> That's the greatest thing I've ever seen!"
> Bubba Watson was "Dufnering" against his General Lee 01 car. Dufner
> even got in on the act Friday, "Dufnering" in the weight room at Auburn.

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