Words: fivehead and fourhead

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Title: 14 Of Our Favorite Celebrity Fiveheads
Date: March 26th, 2013
Website: starpulse.com

[Begin excerpt]
What's a 'fivehead'? Well, you've heard of a forehead, right? So then
a fivehead must be a little bit bigger (there are even a few sixheads
out there, as we'll point out later).
. . .
We're not saying these people are unattractive because of their
copious craniums, its just all in good fun...
[End excerpt]

Urban dictionary has several relevant entries: fourhead, 5head,
five-head, five head and five-head
I did not see these terms at Word Spy. The ADS archive does not seem
to have the term
I do not search for early instances due to indolence.

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