For the Imperfect Mom

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Mon May 6 22:36:16 UTC 2013

An advertisement for Amazon's Kindle prominently occupies all of the
back page of section A of the New York Times today.  The ad is titled
"Perfect for Mom".  It presents a Kindle screen display with the
beginning of the Prologue to (I discover) _The Paris Wife_,
"historical fiction" by Paula McLain.  The portion displayed ends with:

"Paris was full of ghosts and the walking wounded.  Many came back to
Rouen or Oak Park, Illionois, shot through and carrying little pieces
of what they'd seen behind their ...".  [Disappointingly, the next
word is "kneecaps".]

Well, not all moms and Kindles are perfect.

(Google Books has it right.  I can't speak for the publisher, Random
House Digital, Inc., since I don't have their ebook.)


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