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The Apple pIE Theory. At this time I wish to take the opportunity of
expressing my gratitude to Wilson for inviting me to join Linkedin. I have
had many of my suspicions confirmed since joining the Indo-European and
Historical & Comparative groups affiliated therewith. E.g. a powerful
argument for the Apple pIE Theory (Adam & Eve spoke Indo-European) can be
found at: <<>> I
am convinced. Stemberger's 15,000,000 BC is definitely a greater stretch
than either Harryhausen's One Million Years BC, or Annaud's 80,000 BC in
his brilliant 1981 documentary, La Guerre du Feu (pIE with French
subtitles). BTW Stemberger notes that the Indo-Europeans did have the
common mammalian characteristic of breaking wind. But (no pun intended),
they could produce (undoubtedly on command) not only the silent-but-deadly
*pezd- (Pok.829 <<leise einen Wind streichen lassen>>), but also the *perd-
(op. cit. <<laut furzen>>), which I personally reserve for entertaining the
kids with. (I pointed out this important distinction to Mallory decades ago
before he became famous, for which to this day I have yet to receive the
slightest acknowledgement.)  Speaking of Mallory, the IES gang at UCLA used
to head down to the Pizza Palace in Westwood and come up with some original
ideas, after a few pitchers. One of my insights was the realization that,
since we cannot reconstruct hands for pIE (that plus the myriad other
absences of evidence), the ancient Indo-Europeans must have been space
aliens. By the time I sobered up, I had forgotten about contacting von
Danikan. Coulda been on TV.

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